Nederland, CO Project

Since we have been a little slow to introduce ourselves and our projects, lets just jump in to our current project. This project is a passive solar, slab on grade, two story (second floor is a loft) single family home. We are using Beetle Kill Pine for the siding, interior beams and flooring. It is framed Passive, and will have cellulose blown in. The Pine is sourced from Nederland Colorado, where the project is also being built, and is cut at The Forks Lumber mill in Laporte, CO.  This has been an exciting project to work on and we are entering our final months of work.

Here are few most recent photos from the job site.

At this moment, most photos are phone quality.

Harrington Construction 4

Here is a shot from outside, while installing windows on the South Side of the house, our dominate solar gain side. This is also the direction the solar panels were installed.

Harrington Construction 3

A look at the inside, kitchen area, overhead you can see the beginning of the loft framing. You can also see that this is an open beam ceiling, with Beetle Kill Pine above the trusses. The homeowner specifically wanted a mountain feeling home, something that tied into the rest of the town. On top of the Beetle Kill Pine are SIPs (structural insulated palens) Panels, sheathing and finally Coreten Steel roofing.

Harrington Construction 2

This is looking out the large, South facing, windows from the master bedroom. Above you can see the beetle kill pine beams used to frame up the loft!

HarringtonConstruction 1

And here, though a little blurry, we are laying out the second floor.

We’ll keep those pictures and information coming, so keep checking back!!

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