Let’s get Cozy, with Insulation.

Insulation (noun): the action of insulating someone or something.IMG_8878

This is probably the face you make when your home is either too hot or too cold, because you don’t have proper insulation….

There’s a lot of options available to home builders and owners in the area of insulation. Why? Because it’s so important to the comfort and the efficiency of your home. Think about the last time you were in a home, in the middle of winter and the insulation was say, sub-par. You probably considered making a face similar to the one above. Why? Because who wants to be cold in their home, in the middle of winter? What cost is there to having a poorly insulated house? Well, there’s the personal comfort cost. You may spend those cold months layered in thermals, jackets and blankets or more than likely, you spend a lot of money every month firing up the heater every time it gets to chilly. Likewise, in the summer months, you’re plugging in that cooler and running it just to deal with a sweat box…unless you’ve taken it to LEVEL EPIC and just moved the kids’ swimming pool into the living room, just kidding. But let’s face the facts, insulation is important to the efficiency and integrity of any home.

In our last post, we shared pictures of the insulation install on our current project. We blow loose cellulose made locally by Applegate Insulation, and practice the “Dense-Pack” method. Dense packing is an effective way to decrease air flow through wall cavities and coupled with our separate air barrier strategy this creates a robust redundant air sealing approach. It increases a homes R-Value significantly (when properly installed) helping to minimize the thermal bridging experienced in most simple stud cavities. It also helps to decrease the movement of fire through wall cavities that would otherwise act as chimneys, and it is a renewable resource (made from recycled paper products).  Some even feel that the borate (think old borax soap) added to the insulation for fire protection helps to protect the wood structure underneath.  Recently, an article in the Journal of Light Construction reported on a multi-year test comparing thick wall construction types on the east coast. The study found a higher than optimal moisture content in the different insulation types.  The wall humidity tracked higher than thirty percent during portions of the the test period. This year, the test walls were opened up and mold and fungal growth was absent, in the cellulose walls.

We are really excited about insulation and energy conservation as you can see and don’t want our customers making a face similar to the one pictured above!

Hyperlocalization of Architecture: Contemporary Sustainable Archetypes

A fellow friend of ours and Passive Haus/Sustainable Building enthusiast, Andrew Michler, has published his book: “Hyperlocalization of Architecture: Contemporary Sustainable Archetypes”.

Andrews Book Cover

Andrew is currently living in a Passive House that he designed and built, in Masonville, CO (with the help, we might add, from one of our companies founders, Eric Harrington). As a builder and a consultant for sustainable building, Andrew believes that; “the best way to change the construction industry is design and build well beyond what is considered possible, and let the industry respond.” –http://baosol.com/#andrew-michler

Andrew House 2 Andrew House 3 Andrew House 4 andrew house1

Above are photos of Andrews Passive House.

Andrews book explores the connection between architecture and the environment, placing great emphasis on the modernist movement of site responsive design and build. With several interviews from architects around the world, an in depth look at 30 projects and the theory of architecture; this book provides an intriguing and thought provoking look at hyperlocal design and how Archeticts/Designers/Builders are grasping this theory of building and changing designs to fit the environment in which buildings are built.

We encourage you to check it out! It can be purchased here: http://www.amazon.com/Hyperlocalization-Architecture-Contemporary-Sustainable-Archetypes/dp/1938740084

If you’re interested in learning more about Andrew, check out his website here: http://baosol.com/