This Place About to Blow!! Cellulose that is…

We have finally arrived at the stage of building where the homeowner says: Wow! and the employees say “yeahhhh” and everyone who has been in the home up to this point notices a significant change. What change is that? The change brought about by cellulose insulation. Suddenly the cold shell of the house feels warmer, quieter, and more like a home.

2015-03-09 10.57.50 2015-03-09 15.23.07 2015-03-09 16.56.25 2015-03-10 15.28.37 2015-03-11 15.30.51 2015-03-11 15.31.09

After dense packing the cellulose, we will hang drywall. The homeowner has decided to install American Clay as the finished look for the walls, and will be doing the work himself, as he has chosen certain parts of the project he would like to be involved in. We are basically done here,after drywall installation, while the homeowner finishes his projects and finals the home. Our next projects are coming up quick and we are excited to be moving forward!

Check back for a follow up post about Cellulose Insulation!

Despite the Cold, Up it Goes!

These last few weeks have been primarily dedicated to siding. The homeowner decided to seal the concrete floor and to avoid disturbing its set up, we focused on the siding.

The siding that is going up is Beetle Kill Pine, that has been charred to give it that weathered effect. All the charring was done by the homeowner, as it was his personal project.

2015-02-20 12.38.10

We’ve been at it, despite the winter storm front that moved in last week, making for lots of snow and freezing cold temps.

2015-02-26 14.52.11

A look at the nice south side, with all those windows, allowing for maximum solar gain.

2015-02-25 14.59.58

2015-02-26 14.51.22

Up, Up Up it goes!

2015-02-25 15.48.03

Rain or shine, blizzard or not we are on site doing work!