Shou Sugi Ban in Nederland (say that 5 times fast!)

Have you heard of the Shou Sugi Ban style of wood treatment? Basically, it is charred wood. Traditionally the practice, developed in Japan, uses Japanese Cedar. The Cedar is burnt, cooled and then cleaned/finished with a natural oil. The practice is sustainable as it preserves the wood making paints or other sealers unnecessary, and also acts as a fire barrier. Commonly, we see its finished look as a silvery grey, like in the picture from Houzz below:

The method can, of course, be done to lots of other wood species, and can give a beautiful and interesting look and feel to a room. Check out this other photo here, also from Houzz:

We are up in Nederland, adding a utility shed and lanai..errr should we say, “porch” or “patio” for you mainland folks (some of us lived in Hawaii for a good long while and still use the local phrases…what can we say), to the Passive House we built last winter. The method of siding the homeowner wanted is, Shou Sugi Ban which we are doing on flat cut Beetle Kill Pine; which we picked up from the Forks Lumber Mill just outside of Fort Collins (most of the Beetle Kill the Forks Mill processes actually comes from the Nederland area, so it’s local, sustainable, and beautiful.).

Here are some photos of our Shou Sugi Ban work, along with the additions to the house features:

First a few up close pictures, to show off the look:





Eric and Bryan welded up these handrails, and built/welded this robust barn door for the shed at the end of the porch!

psst, that welded track is actually meant to rust fast, giving it a nice rustic (see what we did there) look, per the homeowners request!

I don’t know about you all out there reading this but, SIGN ME UP!!!


Above: Bryan, charring it up!


There is still a shade structure to be built on this, South Facing, side of the house to optimize the summer shading and decrease the solar gain.



The look of the Shou Sugi Ban, along with the Corten steel (developed to weather quickly but resist corrosion) gives this new home, a very rustic-been here for ages- mountain retreat-appearance. We like it, a lot! What do you think?

Here are a few of the interior photos. The homeowner has chosen to do a lot of the finish work himself, which is why we have not had many finished interior shots to share.




Kitchen Cabinets Anyone??

These cabinets are looking pretty sharp, if we do say so ourselves…

Last week we left you with photos of the cabinet boxes being built, looking somewhat like the one below:


Here’s where last weeks progress took us:

2015-09-24 11.35.04

Completed Assembly of the Almond Melamine Boxes. The Melamine boxes are all Carb2 compliant, to safe guard the air quality, while being easy to wipe down/clean and you won’t have canned goods or other products sticking and pulling up the finish.

2015-09-25 13.04.17

We are excited about the simplicity and understatement of this classic shaker design.

2015-09-24 17.18.11

Quinn, setting and adjusting the blum soft close door hinges.

2015-09-24 17.19.13

2015-09-25 13.04.43

2015-09-25 11.39.22

2015-09-25 11.39.40

2015-09-25 13.05.18

Bryan, assembling the natural finished, blind dovetailed, Alder drawer boxes.

2015-09-14 10.58.46

Jason, demonstrating the ergonomic height of the cooking peninsula for the homeowners, who are tall and were concerned about having a comfortable cooking and counter height. 

SOTD: Shower of the Day

Here are some pictures, showcasing our “SOTD”, or Shower of The Day.



First, a look at the tiles up close^.

2015-09-09 15.24.27

2015-09-10 10.38.40

2015-09-14 15.30.38Quinn, setting the tiles!





Grouted and looking good! 

We’re finishing up the door trim, have the glaziers in fixing/finishing our windows today and the cabinets will be delivered next week!

And, it’s aloha Friday, no work ’til Monday… the Poudre

Go ahead, click the link above and get into Hawaiian time for the weekend with Kimo Kahoano.

From Exterior to Interior Paint


Little person, again making an appearance for perspective purposes…

We quickly moved from painting the exterior of the house to the interior last week. The homeowners chose a nice, creamy with a hint of yellow, wall color. We haven’t painted the base or trim yet, but it’s pretty remarkable how quickly a “construction site” quickly starts taking the shape of a finished home as the final details are installed. We have the bathroom tile work being done this week, as well as adding wood panels to the base of the windows, interior trim is going up and appliances should be going in soon; before we know it, we will be done and moving on to the next project!

20150904_133733  2015-09-04 15.04.49

A look into the kitchen area, with the finished (but still drying!) paint color.

2015-09-08 14.39.14

A quick snap of the window base wood detail. 

In our next post we will be sharing photos of the shower tile, because who doesn’t love looking at a good shower!?!?!

Exterior Painting

Last week we picked up, from Sherwin Williams, three paint samples for our customer to pick, as they wanted a yellow.

2015-08-28 13.17.26

The colors, while nice, were not what they were looking for in tint so they went back to Sherwin Williams and found the one they really liked.

2015-09-01 14.25.30

2015-09-01 14.26.05

2015-09-02 11.56.57

2015-09-01 08.27.19

Inside, we have had the tapers in finishing up the drywall, interior paints have already been selected and interior trim will be started very soon!