Up Goes The Drywall

This week the drywall was installed. Once the tapping is finished we can install doors and windows, and blow cellulose into the attic spaces. The homeowners will soon be picking the exterior and interior paint color as as well as fixtures.


A peek into the Master suit bath


Looking from the living room toward the front door.


Kitchen pantry


We added a little person for perspective and fun with the window depth.


Looking into the kitchen.


A view from the Master Suit hall into the room and off to the side, the office.

Moving Forward in Berthoud

We keep making the most of every day. The insulation is in, the concrete floor has been stained, the septic system is installed, the drywall installers arrived yesterday. We are putting up siding and aside from a set back from our window company, we keep moving forward.

Check out our photos to see what we are up to. Have a question? www.harrington.build is just a click away! We look forward to hearing from you!

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