From Exterior to Interior Paint


Little person, again making an appearance for perspective purposes…

We quickly moved from painting the exterior of the house to the interior last week. The homeowners chose a nice, creamy with a hint of yellow, wall color. We haven’t painted the base or trim yet, but it’s pretty remarkable how quickly a “construction site” quickly starts taking the shape of a finished home as the final details are installed. We have the bathroom tile work being done this week, as well as adding wood panels to the base of the windows, interior trim is going up and appliances should be going in soon; before we know it, we will be done and moving on to the next project!

20150904_133733  2015-09-04 15.04.49

A look into the kitchen area, with the finished (but still drying!) paint color.

2015-09-08 14.39.14

A quick snap of the window base wood detail. 

In our next post we will be sharing photos of the shower tile, because who doesn’t love looking at a good shower!?!?!

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