Fort Collins Project Exterior Looks

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Here’s a quick post just to show some photos of our Fort Collins Project’s Exterior details. Concrete, Wood, Stucco and Metal all played a role in providing a modern and brutalistic aesthetic!

Wood Stain: Sherwin Williams Super Deck Stain Covered Bridge

Stucco: Custom Color

Metal: Custom Color

Decking: Bison Decking Mahogany

*A few of these photos were obviously taken before everything was completed. As the landscaping is being implemented we will update several of these exterior looks with the completed landscaping.








Thanks for checking out these photos!

Summer Hustle


IMG_4693eThese three have been staying busy; unlike the tiny boss chilling in the wheelbarrow above.

Once framing and sheathing wrapped up, we quickly got to work on air/water/vapor sealing, and installing windows, doors, trim and siding.




The design of the homes exterior incorporates wood, stone and brick. The homeowner had two colors of wood that she stained, one very dark and one very light-you could say it’s black and and white in appearance, but up close there is a lot more color variations including tones of brown and green that help give the homes exterior a very rustic country look.


Here is a corner photo of the two stains side by side.


As you can see, there is a lot of character and variation in the color of the siding depending on light and where a person is standing.


The white siding has also been used as an accent color under some windows. The Cupolas along the roofs ridge provide a bit more character along the gable.


The rough plumbing and electrical have been completed and we are getting ready to start blowing insulation.


Just look at that light switch box! We really appreciate the work both the plumbing and electrical contractors have done!IMG_4695e

Here is a photo of the tenting around the fire sprinklers. This is a mandatory step before insulation can be installed. What we are doing, is creating a barrier between the sprinkler line and the cellulose; which will help to prevent/minimize the chance of the line freezing. The netting seen above the line will also be tacked to the studs along the walls, and cellulose will be blown in and dense packed.

SOTD: Shower of the Day

Here are some pictures, showcasing our “SOTD”, or Shower of The Day.



First, a look at the tiles up close^.

2015-09-09 15.24.27

2015-09-10 10.38.40

2015-09-14 15.30.38Quinn, setting the tiles!





Grouted and looking good! 

We’re finishing up the door trim, have the glaziers in fixing/finishing our windows today and the cabinets will be delivered next week!

And, it’s aloha Friday, no work ’til Monday… the Poudre

Go ahead, click the link above and get into Hawaiian time for the weekend with Kimo Kahoano.

Exterior Painting

Last week we picked up, from Sherwin Williams, three paint samples for our customer to pick, as they wanted a yellow.

2015-08-28 13.17.26

The colors, while nice, were not what they were looking for in tint so they went back to Sherwin Williams and found the one they really liked.

2015-09-01 14.25.30

2015-09-01 14.26.05

2015-09-02 11.56.57

2015-09-01 08.27.19

Inside, we have had the tapers in finishing up the drywall, interior paints have already been selected and interior trim will be started very soon!