As builders and designers, we are always looking for ways to bring plan sets to life. With technology has come the opportunity to expand on that further than ever before. We can model spaces and homes with better graphics on paper or even create a virtual tour of a home design. As of recent, one medium we are enjoying exploring is 3D printing. It’s certainly a learning process but in the end; when the concept of a cabinet set-up, a entire kitchen or the framing assembly of a whole house can be printed out and homeowners can better envision spaces they see on a floor plan and how that works for their lifestyle, it becomes an invaluable tool to the process of home building!

Below are a few pictures of a small cabinet print I (Dusty) did recently. There are still improvements to be made; for instance I attempted as few supports as possible to get the detailing of the knobs and lowered the fill quite a bit which shows in the cabinet doors, but how interesting is it to see just how much can be translated from a floor plan to a 3D model printed in place! For reference, I am printing on a Prusa i3 Mk3s+ using PLA filament. Currently, I am working on printing out an entire master closet layout, and (if all goes well) I look forward to sharing those photos-along with the process of 3D printing as a useful tool in the home design process!

If nothing else, this print makes for a clever pen holder 🙂

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