2015 Highlights

As 2015 wraps up we have been looking back on a year of innovative projects, great clients, and plenty of excitement at Harrington Construction. The past 12 months have been highlighted by remarkable performance results of newly occupied homes, and the opportunity to meet the challenge of new builds with their own demanding criteria. Here are few of the accomplishments that make us proud while creating expectation and momentum going into 2016.


In late 2014 we completed a Passive House build in Fort Collins. Since the day that the client moved in, we have eagerly anticipated real world feedback on energy consumption. Based on the energy modeling completed in the design of the home we knew it would perform well. After a year of use we got the numbers.  Here is how the performance checked out:

Home: 2700 Square foot  – Passive House

Total annual energy consumption: 3504 kwh (no on site energy generation)

Average Monthly Utility Cost: $29.96

Ultimately, the total energy consumption of the homeowner (Heating, cooking, computers, etc.) came in below the Passive House requirement for just heating and cooling. When compared to the Passive House requirement that does include total consumption the homeowner is 8x under the allowable usage.

The most unique build of our year was in Nederland, Colorado. The home draws design inspiration from the historic mining structures that are scattered throughout the mountains of Colorado. Dramatic height, large beetle kill timbers, and the Cor-Ten steel roofing are a few of the stand out features of the home. However, we shared the client’s desire that these details did not come at the expense of energy performance or comfort. We knew we had met that goal when we heard from the homeowner at the end of November. Simply put, the heat had not kicked on yet. Nederland sits at an elevation of 8200 feet. The fall is short and the winter is harsh. The strategic insulation, meticulous air sealing, and passive solar design is keeping their home warm, while the continuous Energy Recovery Ventilation system is keeping the air fresh.



Most everyone agrees that there is appeal to a home that costs little operate and sets a high standard for year round comfort. It is easy to assume that homes that can accomplish this kind of performance must come with an extreme cost premium. That is why we met the challenge of our project in Berthoud, Colorado with such enthusiasm. The home features triple glazed windows, a super insulated and air sealed wall assembly, and a fully ducted Energy Recovery Ventilation system. Finishes include solid slab granite counters, solid alder cabinets, and full tile shower surrounds. All of this performance and high level of finish was built for $124 per Square foot. We were thrilled to deliver a project at this price point.



2016 is set up to be an outstanding year at Harrington Construction. We are currently getting underway on multiple fantastic builds that feature architecturally driven designs with a commitment to energy performance. We are excited to continue to push ourselves to deliver custom homes that are truly at the pinnacle of Performance, Comfort, and Value.

Happy New Year from Quinn and the rest of the Harrington Construction Team.

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