Loveland Update


Something we have really been appreciating is our interactions with our clients on this project. We are working with a husband-wife team, and the wife comes by the jobsite twice a day to walk and look over things, and talk about what is going on/where things are at. We’ve really enjoyed that as questions or concerns are thought up they are also addressed right away and the project continues to flow smoothly as we are all working together. Positive job site and client relationships are important to us and make our work easier and more enjoyable.

2015-12-07 11.26.08

Our house pad is almost complete, we’ve got a secondary pad site for a shop also being cleared out. Next up on our list is to start preparing for the foundation work. We are looking forward to trying out a new system for the foundation, using a three in one product that serves as foundation footing material, foundation drainage and radon collection.

Loveland Pano

Here’s a view looking out from the back of the property, it really is a beautiful site!

Pretty soon we will be starting the site work on another project in Berthoud and we are also looking forward to a cutting edge project this spring (the client really wants to push the envelope on building performance) that will be in Fort Collins. As always we are grateful for the folks that are interested in what we are doing and want us to be a part of building their home!

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